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Zooming on your Bike


Fancy bringing along your brand-new wheels along with you on your holidays? Simply add our Bicycle Pack and we'll pay up to $5,000 for any one bicycle or up to a total of $15,000 for all claims combined. Your bike must be less than three years old, valued at $1,500 or more and free of defects. 

You can see it already. You’re cycling along the Seine, ready for your next Parisian café pit stop. Or perhaps you’re riding through the lush green rice paddies of Vietnam without a care in the world. Now picture yourself wounded after a clumsy fall off your bike. You’ve got a badly bunged up knee, a serious dent in your wallet and a rather unpleasant detour to a foreign hospital. Oh, and you forgot to get travel insurance, doh! So, you’re not covered. Not so dreamy right?

Let’s put your sensible helmet on for a moment and ask yourself… Do you know if you'd be covered to cycle overseas, or for the bike itself? With Zoom Travel Insurance, we'd love to cover your cycling adventure! However cover for your ride may all depend on the type of cover you are taking. Keep reading to find out more…

What’s Covered?

Medical expenses

Should you fall of your bike and injure yourself Zoom will ease the pain by covering your medical fees, doctor’s appointment, x-ray and the cost of any medicine your require. If your condition is severe we would also cover the cost to bring you home.

Damage during transit

No dramas if your bike is damaged during transport. Zoom's bicycle add-on covers your bike for any damages during travel or transit.

Loss of theft of bike

Should your prized push bike be pinched on your riding adventure, Zoom's bicycle add-on will cover you up to $5,000 so all you need to do is relax and enjoy the ride.

Trip cancellation

Got a bit over enthusiastic training for your trip when you tear a tendon and can no longer cycle? If you can no longer go on your holiday due to injury or illness Zoom's Comprehensve policy will cover any out of pocket expenses you have incurred should you need to cancel your trip.

Personal liability

Should you crash your bike and cause damage to another person or property Zoom would provide protection for your legal liablilty (however cover would not extend to a rental bike).


Theft can put a dent in your trip but Zoom would cover you for any lost or stolen items and in some cases, reimburse you for any cash stolen too.

Lost or stolen passport

Hold on to your helmet as Zoom will cover the cost of organising an emergency passport should it be misplaced.

And heaps more…

What's Not Covered?

Competitive cycling

Unfortunately we would consider competitive cycling or racing as (gasp) adventure sports and won’t cover such events. Though you’d hardly consider yourself an adrenalin junkie, your timed group cycle through the French Alps may be a no-go.

Reckless Riding

If your definition of RPM equals “reckless pedaling madness” you may want to slow it down a notch. Intentionally putting yourself in danger on your bike will nix your chances of being covered by your insurer. Remember that without a helmet most insurance policies won’t pay up-so protect your noggin and you’ll be covered in more ways than one!


Your bike pack add-on will not cover you for bicycle accessories (including but not limited to tools, bicycle pumps, lights, helmets, etc.)  These items are covered under the Luggage & Personal Effects section and the standard item limits will apply. 

Bike hire excess

Although travel insurance often covers rental vehicle excess, this often does not extend to two wheeled modes of transport. If you hire an expensive bike and it gets damaged, be prepared to take the fall and cough up the excess.

Damages to your bike whilst in use

Whilst we can cover any damages that occur to your bike in transit, we are unable to cover any impairments that happen whilst you are riding your bike. 

Theft if left unattended

If you leave your bike propped up outside a cafe and it was stolen without your knowledge we would be unable to cover you when it is left unattended in a public place.


Combining your holidays with some heart-thumping exercise can be the perfect remedy to cooped-up lifestyles. Cycling trips can help you make the most of your travels while maintaining a healthy routine and packing in some mood-friendly endorphins at the same time!

Nevertheless, all actvities can carry risks and cycling on foreign terrain can be tricky. While we’d all prefer to bring home memories as opposed to broken bones, the cost of a hospital trip overseas can send your budget skyrocketing (not to mention your stress levels). Making the time to ensure you're covered for your cycling holiday can give you peace of mind not to mention a smooth, hassle free ride.


Car Hire Excess


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