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Whether you’re trekking in Tasmania, driving down the Great Ocean Road or whizzing to the Whitsundays it’s important to be protected when travelling around Australia. Zoom's policies will cover your holiday downunder for trip cancellation, lost luggage, family emergencies, rental vehicle excess and more!  What are you waiting for mate? Zoom to it!


Car Hire Excess


Hiring a car for your Aussie adventure? Zoom's rental vehicle excess add-on covers you up to $8,000 for any dings, dents or theft to your rental car!

travel delays

travel delays

Setbacks on your sojourn are never much fun. Cover your downunder travel disruptions in a flash with Zoom travel cover. We keep things zippy!

luggage cover

COVER for your luggage

Your stuff is precious and we get that. Take off on your Aussie adventure knowing your luggage is protected with Zoom.

Adventure activities

Adventure activities

Diving in the reef or trekking in the Blue mountains?  Zoom to great cover with our adventure pack covering you for heaps of adventure sports activities. 

kids go free

kids go free

Family trip to Sydney? Save your pennies as all dependants under 19 are included under your policy at no additional cost. Say what!?


Pregnancy cover

Planning a Barrier Reef babymoon? You can relax knowing you'd be covered all the way up to week 24 with no fuss.

easy claims

easy claims

We've done away with lengthy forms and have kept our claims process simple. We guarantee to assess fully documented claims in a flash.

Car Hire Excess

Peace Of Mind

Zoom to Zen. You can sit back and relax on your holiday knowing that you’re covered by award winning travel insurance.


Organising an Aussie adventure? Make sure you're in the know before you go with our handy FAQ's below.
  • Do I need travel insurance for Australia?
  • Yes, although New Zealand and Australia share reciprocal healthcare agreements without travel insurance you would not be covered for any additional accommodation costs, luggage protection, flights for family members or medical repatriation back to New Zealand.

  • What is rental vehicle excess?
  • If you regularly hire a car on holiday then our rental vehicle excess add-on is a must for your next trip to Australia. Rent a car without stressing about the costs should you have a ding in your hire car, as we'll reimburse you for any liable costs.

  • What age limits apply to travel insurance policies with Zoom?
  • Those over 85 years are unable to purchase a policy with Zoom. Those under 79 years can purchase a policy for a maximum trip duration of 365 days. Those aged between 80-85 years can purchase a policy for a maximum trip duration of 184 days only.

  • Does travel insurance to Australia cover cruises?
  • No, not automatically. You must purchase our cruise pack in order to be covered for any medical treatment you receive on board and for helicopter evacuation should you need to get to the nearest hospital. 

  • Am I covered to ride a motorbike or scooter?
  • At Zoom, you're covered to ride a motorbike or scooter of any engine size provided you are licensed to do so in New Zealand. If you do not have a valid motorbike license then you can only ride a bike of 50cc usng your NZ drivers license. You must also be wearing a helmet at all times.

  • How do alcohol and drugs affect my cover?
  • When it comes to alcohol we advise you to drink in moderation. Please note that we may exclude any claims where excessive drugs or alcohol have been involved.

  • Am I covered for adventure activities?
  • We automatically cover a wide range of adventure sports including diving, bunjee jumping and horse riding and more. You can also buy our Adventure Pack to cover additional adventure sports. 

  • I have high value items; how much can I insure them for?
  • If you have an expensive item that you just can’t leave behind you can insure it separately for up to $5,000. Please note that high value item cover is only available under our comprehensive plan.

  • What is a dependant?
  • This means your dependant children or grandchildren under the age of 19 at the date of policy issue who are travelling with you.


Each Zoom plan has different policy benefits. You can minimise your costs with Medical Only cover, or choose to buy Comprehensive Travel Insurance for extra protection to cover things like travel delays and cancellation. Compare Zoom's Travel Insurance plans online today.

Like all travel insurance plans, they don't cover everything. Just the unexpected.
You should read your policy document (PDS) carefully to ensure you select the cover that is best for you.

You can add optional cover for extras such as Rental Vehicle Excess if you are hiring a car, Sports Activities Pack if you’re feeling adventurous and Snow Cover if you are hitting the slopes.  These can be added during the quote process.