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With magestic mountains, snow monkeys that like to spa, beautiful temples plus traditional culture mixed with futuristic cities,  Japan should be
on everyone's bucket list!! Zoom's Japan Travel Insurance offers unlimited medical cover, emergency assistance, trip cancellation, luggage and more.
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Emergency Assistance

emergency assistance

No matter where in Japan you are  we're there when you need us most. Our expert emergency assistance is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

travel delays


Flights do get delayed on occasion, so dont let bad weather dampen your holiday. Get cover for your disruptions with comprehensive cover.

luggage cover

COVER for your luggage

Where there are tourists, there are people ready to exploit them. Jaunt to Japan knowing your're covered for theft, loss or damage.

ski equipment

snow gear

Ski worry free! Our Ski Pack covers you for up to $1,500 in alternative snow and ski equipment following the accidental loss, theft or breakage of your winter gear.

money back guarantee


Our 14 days cooling off period means you can cancel your policy and we'll give you a full refund, no worries.


kids go free

A trip to the land of the rising sun is perfect for familes. All dependants under 19 are included under your Zoom policy at no additional cost. Say what!?

easy claims

easy claims

We've done away with lengthy forms and have kept our claims process simple. We guarantee to assess fully documented claims in a flash.

Car Hire Excess

Peace Of Mind

Zoom to Zen. You can sit back, relax and enjoy your holiday knowing that you're covered by award winning travel insurance.


From tempting Tokyo to temple-topped mountains, Japan has something for every type of traveller. But, be warned, Japan's crowds can be chaotic and you'll need your wits about you in this demanding metropolis. Health care standards can also vary widely throughout and medical evacuations from Japan are notoriously expensive. Take charge with travel insurance when making your way through this astonishing country.
  • What age limits apply to Zoom's travel Insurance policies?
  • You must be under the age of 85 to buy a policy with Zoom. Those under 79 years can purchase a policy for a maximum trip duration of 365 days. Those aged between 80-85 years can purchase a policy for a maximum trip duration of 184 days only. You must also be under the age of 69 to purchase our add-on ski or adventure packs.

  • Will I be covered for food poisoning?
  • Before you decide to try raw horse meat, fermented beans or puffa fish, take pause. Although you'd be covered for any medical expenses you incur as a result of contaminated food or water, it's probably not a good idea to go near unusual foods . Be warned that traveller's diarrhoea, including norovirus, is common in Japan. Wash your hands regularly, opt for fully cooked, fresh food and peel fruit before eating. The tap water is Japan is safe to drink, but depending on which part you're travelling to, it might be wise to stick to bottled or boiled water. 

  • Am I covered for pick pocketing in Japan?
  • Yes, you’re covered for muggings provided of course, you were acting with reasonable care (i.e. did not leave your belongings unattended). If you’re the victim of a pickpocket (even of the cheeky monkey variety), you’d be covered for loss, theft and damage to your luggage and personal effects. If you are robbed it’s important that you get a police report and contact us as soon as possible.

  • Do I need vaccinations to travel to Japan?
  • Your doctor may recommend vaccinations before you travel to Japan, depending on your health status and your travel plans. You may need to update any routine vaccinations and consider shots for typhoid, hepatitis A and B, rabies and Japanese Encephalitis. Consider a prophylactic for malaria if you're travelling to affected areas as well.

  • Am I covered for skiing in Japan?
  • If you are taking part in any kind of winter sports activity, you must purchase our ski and snow sports pack in the payment process to be covered.

  • Am I covered for helicopter evacuation off the slopes?
  • Yes, if you have a serious accident on the slopes, we will pay for helicopter evacuation to get you to the nearest hospital.

  • Am I covered for the whole season?
  • No, you are only insured to ski in ski season: this would be December 1 and April 15 for travel to the Northern Hemisphere, or between 15 June and 30 September for travel to the Southern Hemisphere.

  • What do I get when I purchase the ski add-on?
  • In order to be covered for winter sports in Japan including skiing, snowboarding, tobogganing or tubing (on groomed ski slopes) you must purchase our ski and snow sports pack. This pack cover provides cover for Unlimited overseas emergency medical and hospital expenses, $1,000 cover for piste closure, bad weather & avalanche, and $1,500 for loss or damage to your own snow sport equipment. You will also be covered for the value of any unused ski pass, ski hire or tuition fees (up to $750) following the loss or theft of your ski pass, or you being unable to ski following accident or illness.

  • Am I covered for asthma?
  • The air quality in some Japanese cities is poor and may trigger your asthma.Your asthma would be covered providing that you have no other lung disease, and; you are less than 60 years of age at the date of issue of the certificate of insurance.

    If you have respiratory or other health problems, speak to your doctor prior to travelling. Pollution levels in Japan will vary day-to-day, so check local reports and consider staying indoors or wearing a mask on bad days.

  • Are adventure activities covered?
  • We automatically cover a wide range of adventure sports including diving, bungee jumping and horse riding and more. You can also buy our Adventure Pack to cover additional adventure sports. 

  • What is a dependant?
  • This means your dependant children or grandchildren under the age of 19 at the date of policy issue who are travelling with you.


Whether you’re slowing down in a traditional Japanese tea ceremony, firing up in Shibuya’s vibrant neon-lights, exploring Kyoto’s ancient castles or eating lunch with a robot, your Japan holiday should be full of wonder, not worry. Our Japan travel insurance policy will cover you for medical expenses, trip cancellation, lost luggage, family emergencies and more, as you discover the old, the new and everything in between. What are you waiting for? Zoom to it!

No matter which kind of experience you're planning, Zoom can cover your trip with a range of plans.  You can minimise your costs with Medical Only cover, or choose to buy Comprehensive Travel Insurance for extra protection to cover things like travel delays and cancellation. Compare Zoom's Travel Insurance plans online today.



Visitors from New Zealand or Australia don’t need a Visa if you’re planning on staying for 90 days or less, as long as you don’t earn any money during your trip.


If you’re tripping to Tokyo, your first taste of Japan’s chaotic and colourful capital will be when you arrive at Narita Airport. Tokyo’s main international airport is very tourist friendly and English signs are everywhere so navigating your way through the terminals is quite easy. The airport however isn’t that close to Tokyo city. But don’t worry, there are plenty of transport options for travellers leaving the airport, including the relatively cheap Tokyo Shuttle bus (which is even cheaper if you make a reservation before your arrival), the Narita Access bus, Limousine Bus, shared minibus, a range of different train services (including the high speed Skyliner, which offers the fastest travel time of around 40 minutes), and taxis (an expensive option).


Japan Rail Passes are available to anyone visiting Japan and provide a significant discount on regular rail travel. There are a number of passes on offer, which cover different regions and timeframes. If you think you will be doing most of your travel by rail, it's well worth looking into the passes to see which one covers the places you want to go.

Most cities have a comprehensive bus network and some have tram networks which offer unlimited all day travel tickets. Taxis are easy to come by – if hailing one from the street, remember a red light in the front of the car means the taxi is available and a green light means it is taken. Uber only has a small presence in Tokyo, which means cars may not always be available.


Many will agree that Japan is at her most beautiful during cherry blossom season. Delicate pink blooms appear in southern Japan from late January, hitting Japan’s central island, Honshu (which includes Tokyo and Kyoto), in late March-early April. However, along with the blooms come large crowds, which can make it difficult to travel and find accommodation, especially in popular spots such as Kyoto.
Another busy time is ‘Golden Week’, a series of national holidays that run from 29 April to 5 May, as well as the Obon holiday of mid-August. Public transport and popular tourist spots get very crowded during this time and accommodation is often booked out well in advance.
Japan can get hot and humid during summer, especially in the southern regions, but this can be avoided by travelling to the hills or cooler northern regions. Autumn is a wonderful time to visit, with pleasant temperatures and beautiful autumnal foliage, while winter brings a spectacular ski season to the north.


Japan offers travellers a rich mix of time-honoured culture and fast-paced modernity. The contrast between old and new can be clearly seen in Tokyo, the largest city in the world and a place where Japan’s traditional heritage exists in harmony with ultra-modern living and technology.
Kyoto, which was Japan’s capital city for several centuries, is another must-see destination. It is a stunning city, featuring ancient architecture and numerous World Heritage Sites. Hiroshima also features two World Heritage Sites, including the A-Bomb Dome of the Hiroshima Peace Memorial. 
Outdoor enthusiasts should consider visiting Hokkaido, Japan’s northernmost island that offers several superb skiing locations as well hiking in the pristine Daisetsuzan National Park.
Ancient temples and shrines can be found throughout Japan, as are hot springs (onsen) which offer a unique bathing experience and a taste of traditional Japanese culture. A traditional tea ceremony is a beautiful experience, allowing you to participate in a delicate ritual that has continued for more than a thousand years.
Try okonomiyaki. Trust us – it’s delicious.


Many ATMs in Japan do not accept cards (credit, debit, ATM) which have been issued outside of Japan. International banks such as HSBC, or ATMs at 7-Eleven, post offices or Aeon malls, will accept foreign cards. Look for Family Mart and Lawson convenience stores; many of them have international ATMs, as do major department stores.
Japanese toilets are an interesting experience. Most travellers to Japan find themselves confused by the multiple buttons, speakers and fountains at least once during their visit. Just go with the flow!
Don’t tip – not only is it not expected, staff can be offended and will often chase you down to return your money.
Vending machines in Japan are awesome. They are everywhere and sell almost anything, including canned food, hot and cold drinks, underwear, toys, jewellery and popcorn.
Talking and laughing loudly is considered rude in Japan, particularly on public transport. Try to keep it down.
The locals are generally very happy to help with directions or advice. Don’t be afraid to ask (and make sure you say thanks).


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